Louis Masai - Please Don´t, HF serie

kr 19,000.00


Please Don´t HF serie av Louis Masai
År: 2020
Edition of 13 all unike, HF
Str: 79×80,5 med ramme
Ferdig innrammet, dobbel passepartout og kunstglass i sort ramme.

+5% kunstavgift
+Frakt eller hentes i galleriet, Kaigaten 18, 5016 Bergen

My subject matter focuses on animals but always strives to find a human reference to juxtapose an element that might not be previously obvious. For example with my show ‘Afrofabrication’ I entwined fabric patterns to the animals in an attempt to comment on a human desire to cover up, or indeed use flamboyant colours, to attract a mate. ‘Last of my kind’, documents critically endangered birds with references to extinct musicians. The idea for this serie of work was to question why humans often fail to recognize disappearing species yet mourn the death of a celebrity.

My recent documentation of endangered creatures and raising of awareness of statistics has on occasion been associated with activism. I find this a bit daunting as I only see myself as an artist but I definitely see the power of visual language and I’m enjoying using that power via my murals and the modern world of social networking.

Louis Masai

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